“If you spend what’s in your wallet to fill your brain now, the time will come that what’s in your brain will fill your wallet, abundantly!”


By: Guy Kawasaki, Printed Pages: 234 – Hardbound

If you were intrigued by the title of this book, you are probably the type of business book reader who’s had enough of management self-help and touchy-feely tomes, enough of how-to guides that encourage you to take the kinder, gentler approach to competitors, customers, and employees.

You are ready for the gloves to come off, and the one thing you’ll want in your hands when they do is the first can-do, how-to, kick-butt gonzo guide to driving your competitors off the deep end.
In the time-honored tradition of the maxim “It’s not how you play the game, but whether you win or lose,” best-selling author of Selling the Dream and monthly Macworld columnist Guy Kawasaki has written the definitive take-no-prisoners guide for Davids to beat Goliaths.

The product of his years of experience as an evangelist for the then-upstart Apple and as a computer guru and business strategist, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy is an invaluable source book of irreverent and sometimes extreme stratagems in sales, marketing, production, and human resources that will help your company or organization get and keep the upper hand.

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