Get Seen - Get Paid!

Get Seen - Get Paid!

Get paid to drive your car, wear T-shirts, and more with EyeEarn! EyeEarn allows you to build a lucrative residual income stream by participating in our personal advertising network. It’s fun, easy, and no experience is necessary!


Getting started with EyeEarn is super-easy: Just purchase a $20 EyeEarn Starter Kit. The kit includes three EyeEarn banners for your car(s), one bumper sticker, an EyeEarn T-shirt, 100 EyeEarn X-Cards, and 20 EyeEarn mini-stickers (plus complete directions and a Getting Started Guide).

Simply verify with SFI that you’ve outfitted your car with a banner.

You’ll then begin receiving a share of the fruits of the entire, worldwide EyeEarn advertising network!

EyeEarn is already one of the largest global advertising co-ops ever created. Already, thousands of people are participating all over the world (check out our gallery HERE). In time, we expect MILLIONS to join the network!

In other words, as an EyeEarn participant you benefit not only from your own, personal promotions but also from the efforts of EVERYONE ELSE in the network—from EVERY EyeEarner in the world!

How do I make money?

Simply by Join Us Now!